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3D Mesothreads

3D МезонитиTraditional thread facelift is based on the use of gold threads or polypropylene threads which fix the tissues in the required position. A more up-to-date variation of this procedure combines the lifting effect and the benefits of mesotherapy.

3D mesothreads - innovative methods of skin lifting and wrinkle removal – has come from South Korea: women of the Southeast Asia have very thin and sensitive skin, so the problem of wrinkles excites them even more than us.
The general nature of this anti-aging treatment is revealed by its name (combined from the words "mesotherapy" and "thread"). The main instrument is the thinnest needles made of high-quality steel. A very thin, almost invisible thread made of polylactic acid is attached to the needle. It is introduced directly into the skin and is gradually reabsorbed under the influence of enzymes, forming a clear "scaffold". At the same time, 3D mesothreads not only strengthen the sagging skin, but also improve its condition as after usual mesotherapy.

What tasks are solved by 3D mesothreads?

Using this method, only with one procedure you can:

  • take 4-5 years off the face,
  • eliminate wrinkles - fine and deep,
  • model the position of eyebrows, mouth corners, the middle third of the face, neck.

3D Мезонити3D mesothreads are very thin, but strong: they lift the skin and fix it well in the new position. Thus, age wrinkles (which are formed with the course of time) and the structured ones (which are a peculiar feature of the facial structure) are eliminated with the same effect. The threads are not "seen through" and there are no traces of any intervention even if you have very thin skin.

In addition to the facelift, 3D mesothreads can be used in any zone where fast and safe lifting is required. This may be the belly skin sagging after pregnancy or a strict diet, neck and décolleté area, thighs.
The technique can be combined perfectly with contouring, RF-lifting and mesotherapy, and is also used as the final step of correction after a surgical facelift.

Are 3D mesothreads health friendly? Contraindications, complications and side effects

3D mesothreads are made of polylactic acid and absolutely compatible with a human body - thus, their use causes practically no allergic reactions, and even a minimal risk for health is completely excluded.
The procedure itself is quite comfortable and fast, it does not require strong anesthesia and long period of rehabilitation. After installation of the threads there may be temporary pain feelings which disappear in 7-10 days.

Complications and Side Effects

With regard to other possible complications and side effects the main "horror story" - about the formation of the capsular contracture around the threads (such as that which may occur in the breast around the implant) - has no basis behind it. This is confirmed not only by theory but also practically: the surgeons, who carried out the facelift operations to the patients with previously installed mesothreads, had a chance to take the inside look, and they evidence the absence of any hint of the capsule.

There is also another problem: Even correctly installed threads may be seen a little, especially in cold weather with people who have very thin skin - just like hyaluronic fillers. A surgeon must warn such patients about this before the procedure and, unfortunately, it is desirable for them to abstain from the procedure.