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Botox and Dysport

Botox and DysportIt is human nature to worry about the appearance. Modern ecology, constant stresses and aging processes change our appearance and usually not for the better. The skin starts to sag, wrinkles and folds appear. And, though it is said that wrinkles make a person better, we still want to have silky and smooth skin and look young and fresh. Cosmetology, folk medicine and plastic surgery offer their services.

Modern aesthetic medicine offers two seemingly identical products to eliminate mimik wrinkles - Botox and Dysport. Botox is produced by Allergan, the US company, and Dysport is a brand of Beafour-lpsen-Speywood, the French company.
The active ingredient of both is the same substance - botulinum toxin of type A. Both are administered intramuscularly and have the same - relaxing - effect on facial muscles.

It is believed that the effect of Dysport is shown faster than that of Botox and lasts a bit (though not much) longer. This opinion is based on the observations of experts and feedback from patients, but scientific support has not yet be obtained. Considering this fact, Dysport may be more relevant in the case when it is necessary to "fix" the appearance within a short time (for example, before an important public event). The both preparations reach their maximum effect in 10-14 days after injection, so in the long term there is no difference between them.

Ботокс и ДиспортAccording to some researchers, Dysport has a greater ability to diffuse than Botox, i.e. it will more likely penetrate not only in the "target" facial muscles, but also in the neighboring ones. This feature of the preparation is a kind of double-edged sword: on the one hand, it is the diffusion that causes unpleasant side effects of Dysport (such as drooping of the upper eyelids or eyebrows), on the other - with the right use of it, you can get much more naturally looking result. Due to the "diffusion" differences, Dysport is preferable for treatment of the forehead and nose areas, while for the corners of the eyes and eyebrows Botox serves better.

Another important difference is the concentration of botulinum toxin. The experts having dealt with both preparations know that one unit of Botox corresponds to 2.5-3 units of Dysport - thus, in order to achieve comparable results, the dosage of the latter should be 2.5-3 times more.

Thus, the fundamental difference between Botox and Dysport is only in the concentration of botulinum toxin and its ability to diffuse. We are ready to offer both preparations to our clients, and the decision on using any of them is made by the specialist on the basis of a comprehensive study of the organism features and the patient's needs (location of wrinkles, reaction to the previous injections, expectations from the treatment and others.)

To achieve the long-term result of these preparations application there should be 2-3 injections per year.