Maverick Beauty Studio

Business class beauty salon in the World Trade Center, Plaza Garden
Vystavochnaya metro station, Delovoy Tsentr metro station (1 km),
Ulitsa 1905 Goda metro station (1.5 km)
Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya, d. 12
+7 (495) 967-06-11 
+7 (495) 967-06-18
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   Наименование услуги Service nameВремя, мин Duration Цена услуги (руб.) Price (Rub)
(A17.30.001 Дермапигментация)
Перманентный макияж, 1 зона бровей/глаз/губ
Eyebrows, eyes, lips tatoo
  • Косметическая процедура микропигментирования, с помощью которой происходит изменение формы бровей, глаз и губ. Основан на методе введения цветного пигмента в верхние слои эпидермиса. Результат: стойкий макияж, не требующий ежедневной коррекции, ухоженный вид и экномия времени.
120 20000
(A17.30.001 Дермапигментация)
Коррекция перманентного макияжа
Tatoo correction
  • Процедура, позволяющая скорректировать и дополнить первоначальную процедуру перманентного макияжа
90 10000
(A17.30.001 Дермапигментация)
Рефреш перманентного макияжа
Tatoo refreshing
  • Обновление перманентного макияжа без изменения первоначльных форм. Производится не позднее, чем 18 месяцев после основной процедуры перманентного макияжа.
120 15000

Eyebrow 6D Reconstruction

Eyebrow 6D Reconstruction

Eyebrows manual micropigmentation 6D technology is a new era in the field of eyebrows tattoo.

These are the most realistic and natural eyebrows which one can only imagine!

Service price – RUB 20,000.

portret 1557VIP Stylist Tatyana Gavrilova

Micropigmentation is permanent make-up of a new generation. It is very natural and light. It makes the ideal variant for those who do it for the first time and there is no need to cover the old tattooing. However, if slight traces of tattooing do remain, that does no harm.

The procedure is totally painless, and the healing is almost unnoticeable.

Eyebrow hairs are as thin as the natural ones. It is possible to make eyebrows thicker, more expressive, and more symmetric.

Lip color can be picked up to ideally match the natural color, just in order to accentuate the shape and make the contour sharper and more symmetric. Furthermore, we can give them a juicier tint that will perfectly suit you.

There also exist many variants for the eyes. If you prefer only naturalness, we can simply accentuate the eyelash density with the help of smudging between the eyelashes or make small arrows. If you want something brighter, we can offer arrows with smudging effect, shading, and even color graduations.

We use solely disposable materials and the best German equipment. The pigments are represented by Swiss Color (Switzerland).

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