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Microneedling (fractional mesotherapy)

МикронидлингMicroneedling is the term meaning "treatment with needles". This procedure is based on the introduction of microscopic doses of active serum using a mesoroller (device on which the needles are attached). Problematic skin areas are subject to direct treatment with active substances that get freely under the top skin layer and enrich the lower layers.
The depth of penetration depends on the needle length. Depending on the problem and the task at hand needles from 0.5 to 2 mm are used. Sensitivity and pain can be reduced by using longer needles. Injections are perceived by the body as a signal that awakens it for regeneration. Owing to introducing active substances during microneedling new blood vessels are formed, contributing to blood supply and nutrition.

You can try this Innovative technology at home. It is applied in case of relief structure changes of the skin and age-related skin changes. Microneedling is useful not only in the fight for ideal skin, but also in the fight against stretch marks which are formed as a result of sudden weight loss or after childbirth.

Microneedling is also very popular because it is painless and does not require the rehabilitation period and additional treatments.

Indications for microneedling use

MicroneedlingThe procedure is primarily recommended to people having the following cosmetic problems:

  • Deep wrinkles, slight nose to mouth wrinkles;
  • Irregular face shape, loss of roundness, poor contour structure;
  • Bluish color of some areas, dark circles under eyes caused by the lack of active substances;
  • Enlarged pores;
  • Oily skin or increased skin dryness;
  • The defects of the skin due to prolonged exposure to sunlight;
  • Irregular skin pigmentation (aging);
  • Acne that left scars;
  • Scars formed as a result of surgery;
  • Stretch marks of any origin: hormonal, after losing weight or giving birth;
  • Fat accumulations, cellulite;
  • Hair loss, dull hair;
  • Peeling of the skin of hands and its withering.

Cosmetologist shall divide the treated area into several microzones that will be subjected to treatment in turn. With the help of a device and needle module the injections are administered to these microzones. According to microneedling technique the microzones are located equally apart from each other. The doctor defines the length of the needle depending on the defect and the skin thickness. Microzones should locate between areas of healthy skin from which stem cells will migrate. They help to create the conditions for regeneration of damaged skin areas. Thus a new perfect skin is formed.

After the treatment you will have a skin inflammation due to the debris of damaged structures. Fibroblasts are constantly striving to get into the microzone and clean up all the effects of the procedure. They restore the active processes, produce collagen and elastin used to create the cellular matrix. All this represents a complex restoring skin balance necessary for skin cover cells functioning.

Thus, one treatment has a positive effect on 20% of the skin. After 4-5 treatments you will achieve an excellent result, and the skin will restore completely. The procedure is to be carried out twice a month.

After microneedling you will feel skin freshness and slight fitness. For 24 hours after the treatment you can use any skin care products. It’s a period when the cells are ready to absorb the incoming vitamin complex.